Gärdet: A Huge Meadow in Stockholm City

If you ever get the chance to drop by Stockholm and you want to escape the houses and the people for a bit, you should definitely come by this huge green spot where you are free to relax, enjoy good conversations with friends, and of course, take lots of lomographs.

Gärdet is a place where people tend to go to when they want to take a stroll with their loved one; if they want to walk their dog; or just take a nap underneath the summer sky. It is a huge meadow that is really close to the city making a visit here very convenient – just go take the Metro and it is only a few stops away from the central station.

The gallery shows pictures from Gärdet. At that time that these were taken, it was very hot and Gärdet was full of people who were celebrating the Chinese Kite Festival. It just goes to show that this place definitely has a lot of good photo opportunities!

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