The Great Invader Hunt in London : A Recap


On the 23rd of October, 30 people spread out in 7 groups were released upon London in search of the now infamous mosaic-tiled Space Invaders!

The hunters!

Space Invaders noun (functioning as singular)
(Non-sporting Hobbies / Other Non-sporting Hobbies)™ a video or computer game, the object of which is to destroy attacking alien spacecraft, a hostile alien from outer space

Okay okay, so we didn’t hunt down actual space invaders but this was the closest thing to them yet. An anonymous frenchman who goes by the name Invader (doh!) has been planting these awesome space aliens made with colourful mosaic tiles and London seems to be one of his favourite places of attack.

So far there are hundreds of these tiled monsters cemented on buildings, street corners, shop fronts and phone boxes all over the city. Although, some have gone missing – either stolen by collectors or cleaned up by the city council (booooo!) .

A missing invader.

Our esteemed judge, Russell Darling, picked the lucky winners based on how many invaders they found as well as judging the most creative and well-composed shots.

In his words:
The Invader Hunt resulted in some really fun photos, along with some unexpected surprises. It seems that some other nefarious invader hunters recently decided to destroy or kidnap some of the invaders, which made for quite the challenge to our own groups of hunters. Fortunately, some of our hunters came up with creative solutions to this problems (such as creating their own or finding “alternative” invaders). They also documented some of those that are missing, in case there is a missing invader investigation. For those that did find the elusive invaders, we got some amazing shots. I was really excited to see photos of a a few that I haven’t yet seen in person. I only wish I could have joined the Invader Hunt myself.

This team (Kevin Spaceyinvader) got well deserved applause for making their own invaders when they got desperate and couldn’t find many…

See you all on the next hunt!

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    Wooow q chido!! y saber que @skene es famosa en la revista Lomography :)

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    love this :-)

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