Kybele Hotel: The Mystery and Charm of Istanbul


There’s no other place that best reflects the mystery and charm of Istanbul more than the Kybele Hotel. I consider it as a jewel box, filled with treasures. Its rooms are filled with genuine antiques and artwork collected over the years. From the handmade carpets covering its floors to the hundred unique lamps hanging from the ceilings, the atmosphere here will definitely enchant you.

It all started a year ago. I just received my Diana mini and a friend asked me to go with her to Istanbul. We had a long trip so we were already tired on our first day. I told her that we should find a place where no one is luring us in (you know those guys who are desperate to ask you inside the restaurant to eat). As that seems to be almost impossible in Istanbul, my friend just wanted to go to the first restaurant that we saw. Luckily, I convinced her to walk just a bit more. Then we saw a restaurant filled with lamps inside and no guys standing outside – even though I was looking at the lamps. It was wonderful! My friend wanted to look for a different place this time, but I called her back and told her that we have to go inside, I really wanted to see this!

And what a place it was! The ceiling was full of lamps and antiques were all over the place. Dinner was wonderful and then one of the owners came to talk to us. He wanted to show us his museum. We were curious, so we went with him. First the hotel, then the garden, the library, and last but definitely not the least, his museum. What a place! A loft filled with old stuff, carpets, antiques, clothing, and lamps. It was unbelievable that no words can fully describe it! It was dark and the place was filled with candles. It was so peaceful.

I came back every day to relax, just being in that room was such an experience.
In May, I went for the second time to Istanbul, but just by myself. I asked the owner if I could stay in his hotel and he told me I can sleep in the museum for free!

I highly recommend this place, to have dinner in the restaurant, to sleep in the hotel or just look inside and enjoy the good atmosphere.

written by yarah on 2010-11-13 #places #museum #hotel #mystery #istanbul #location #charm #travel-tips #kybele #place-to-be


  1. jaalvarez
    jaalvarez ·

    I like this article so much ...
    Beautiful shots from a great location !!!
    Congrats !!

  2. nikolina
    nikolina ·

    Thank you yarah for this awesome article! I just came back from a visit to istanbul.
    We went for dinner in Kybele and it really made my day! can't imagine there is a more bueatiful place to eat in the whole town! So thanks again for this great tip :)

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