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Instant Preview – Lomography Instant Back+

image from zakguy

想和朋友分享每個「嚇鬼」臉孔,將你的 Lomo LC-A+ 組合上 LC-A Instant Back+ ,映象在你手中逐漸浮現的質感,想必讓你手邊的人驚喜不已!

Share to the community your shocked face when you come across a ghost! With your Lomo LC-A+   combined with LC-A Instant Back+ , you will enjoy every thrill you get when the immediate image floating upon your shaking hands!

Cut & Slice – Diana F+ & Diana+ Spliter 

image from dorotanvotova

有了 Diana+ Splitzer — 這能將畫面分割的配件,加上能多重曝光的 Diana F+ ,想將你朋友的樣貌割下、拼湊、再扯開,實在是樂趣無窮的事。

With the Diana F+ and Diana+ Splitzer combination, you have the magic touch of splitting your shot coupled with the ability to do multiple exposure. Merge up your friend’s face together with yours or an ugly zombie is always a fun experiment!

Scale it red – Redscale & Redscale XR Film

image from satomi

想為你的拍出景物染上一片血紅,未必真需要你大開殺戒,將相機裝上  Lomography  Redscale  或  Redscale XR  膠卷,一樣效果出色!

Always wanted to have bloody red tint in your shot? Just mount the Lomography  Redscale or  Redscale XR  to get the same excellent result and spare yourself your energy for crazy night!

Bewitched – use your Lomographic spell, get extra 10%off

image from timo

這是個不能再好的機會,來施展 Lomographic 魔法,只要於結帳前輸入優惠碼: HAPPYHALLOWEEN ,就能給你的訂單變出額外的 9 折優惠,此優惠期至10月31日而已。

Isn’t this the best time for us to perform some Lomographic magic to you? Just type in the discount code: HAPPYHALLOWEEN before your checkout and get yourself an additional 10% off your purchase! This offer is valid until October 31st so act quick!

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