Lomography, Frank Gehry Exhibition

“我最爱的北京建筑” 讲座回顾
Lomography, Frank Gehry Exhibition “My Favourite Beijing Architecture” Lecture Review


“Frank Gehry. Architect” Exhibition which hold between 18th October to 30th November 2010 at Sanlitun North Village, Beijing, is the very The first exhibition of the acclaimed architect Frank Gehry in China will present a selection of his architectural and design projects spanning the architect’s career, in …MORE first exhibition of the acclaimed architect Frank Gehry in China will present a selection of his architectural and design projects spanning the architect’s career, including his most celebrated buildings, the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao and the Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA. Drawings, study models and images are presented to provide an enlightening insight into this uniquely talented and visionary architect of our time. Check details at (http://www.sanlitunvillage.com/eng/whats_on/Pages/index.aspx)

Meanwhile, “My Favourite Beijing Architecture” photo competition will be hold during this period . See details at (http://architecture.ccwonline.com/index.aspx). As one of the most important creative and experimental analogue film photography global community, Lomography Embassy Beijing has been invited to give a short presentation at the opening ceremony of this competition at 24th, Oct, 15:00. All the photos which will be present at the opening party are taken by Lomography cameras and related to the architecture.

15:00p.m. 24th, Oct, around 50 audience attend the “My Favourite Beijing Architecture” lecture which organized by Swire Properties and Milk Magazine.

The Lecture which included two part; for the first part, Professor Chen Nan from Fine .Art school of Tsinghua University delivered his idea of how to appreciate traditional and modern architecture in academical content.

For the second part, Yining He from Lomography Gallery Store Beijing gave her presentation on how to shoot architecture in creative and experimental way by using analogue film, especially Lomographic cameras. But nearly all of them did not know what the hell is lomography. Only two girls hear about horizon from a movie…Lucky we got ready take some sample to show,When they saw the camera, they feels like unbelievable and ask : Where is the lens?

Of course we have pictures to show. She has been chosen 30 photos which from her Lomography works as well as other Lomographer’s work from Lomography.com. She presented those photos by introduce the photographic techniques, the camera story and the film knowledge. Most important, she knowledge the audience how to use creative thinking and experimental tools (Lomographic product) to shoot architecture pictures. (The detailed content are included in the ppt. File)

After we send our shop card out and the small book of introduction. Almost 80 books we send out. The students from Tsinghua University are very interested in our cameras. They want to know who devise these goods. We don’t have enough time so we just told them to visit our web set to find it out and got more info.

At the end of the presentation, there is a questions which asked by the audience and we answer immediate.
Q: What do you think analogue film photography will survived from the digital world?
A: The establishing of Lomographic Socitey at early 1990’s when digital photography haven’t popularized at that time. With the efforts of Lomographer all over the world, our platform of creative and experimental analogue film photography wins world reputation and more and more people joined to the our society.
Take China for example, there are more and more young people and art school student choose analogue film camera to produce their art works. Lomographic Society International provide them a platform which they can communicate with others and learn most useful film photography techniques.

The official post on the magazine will be published at Milk Magazine at November Issue.

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