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All the previous LomoPeople articles have featured a portrait of a person’s face. Well my sister wouldn’t allow that, and I think the fact that you can’t see her face in this picture more accurately portrays her than any headshot ever could.

Marie is my younger sister. She is a mystery. She is much older than her age says, and more defined as a person that I think I’ll ever be. People can never quite predict Marie-how she feels, how she’ll react. She’s quiet, but when you look at her eyes, you can see that behind them she’s thinking a mile a minute.

This picture was taken last year at Lake Tahoe in Nevada. Even though it was winter, Marie wanted to go to the actual lake. She thinks that water surrounded by snow is spectacular. I spent the morning snapping pictures of the scenery, while she just walked and stared at the water. I can always tell when she is thinking something, but I’ve learned that asking her doesn’t get me any answers. If she wants to tell me something, she will.

I know Marie will hate that I submitted a picture of her, but she will love that her face, like so much more about her, will remain a mystery. Just like I have to wonder every day what incredible thought is is crossing her mind, you are left to imagine what my sister’s breathtaking face looks like.

written by kdm315 on 2010-12-02 #people #lifestyle #story #analogue #sister #camera #holga #lomopeople


  1. azzzy
    azzzy ·

    nicely written

  2. bovine
    bovine ·

    ^ I agree. It's a lovely explanation of a lovely photo. :)

  3. cruzron
    cruzron ·

    yes, it really is lovely! if you've got a great story about a certain someone, please send in your LomoPeople!

  4. obeyourdream
    obeyourdream ·

    wonderful story and shot!

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