Hue, Central Vietnam (The Last of the Imperial Rule)

The city of Hue was the second stop of my Vietnam trip. Located in Central Vietnam, the city is at the midpoint between Hanoi and Saigon. For travelers touring from North to South Vietnam or vice versa, a midpoint stop is highly recommended. Hue has a rich history stretching back hundreds of years and was the former capital of Vietnam.

Visiting Hue was quite a unique experience. The key attractions involve visiting tombs and more tombs. In fact, these historic complex monuments of Hue have earned its place in UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites since 1993.

The day started with a visit to Minh Mang mausoleum, followed by tomb of Tu Duc and tomb of Khai Dinh. These are no ordinary tombs but specially constructed as the burial site for the Emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty.

A trip to Hue will be incomplete without visiting the Citadel. However, do not expect to see much as the Forbidden Purple City is a shade of its former self. Most of the monuments had been destroyed by fire and also the war. Major reconstruction work is still ongoing to restore the Citadel to its glory days.

Flag tower just in front of the Citadel.

The day ended with a visit to Thien Mu Pagoda and a river cruise along the perfume river.

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