Cube Houses in Rotterdam


Architecture rules volontarly broken make crazy cube houses in Rotterdam. The cube houses (or Kubuswoningen in Dutch) were built in 1984 by architect Piet Blom in Rotterdam and Helmond in the Netherlands. These could have been common houses if they hadn’t been turned at 45 degrees and placed on concrete pylons!

It results in a totally blowing architecture, whether you are inside or outside! For a few months now, Rotterdam’s famous architectural site has been turned into a youth hostel, so you can easily spend a night or two there, at cheap price (about 20€ per person for a night)!

When inside, weird shaped windows will constantly remind you that you’re not in a regular place. I mean, don’t think that things have been made so that when inside you don’t feel the difference with a normal building, you really do! Except the floor, the doors and a few walls, everything is inclined in there and it’s quite common to have your feet above the void. You might have to sleep with inaccessible windows above your head, or need to open a window in shape of a triangle (or worst!).

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    Crazy ! Great shots !

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