North Duisburg Landscape Park


In the past, many people worked hard at the metallurgical plant that was built in this place. Today you can spend many days here doing fun activities or just relaxing. Let me show you a glimpse of what’s in store at the North Duisburg Landscape Park.

The North Duisburg Landscape Park is about 230 hectares of land that was built around a closed metallurgical plant. Now it offers visitors a wealth of leisure facilities and plenty of space for recreation.

The smelter was built in 1901, directly to the coal fields of the former “Gewerkschaft Deutscher Kaiser” (Union of German Emperor) Thyssen-owned property and was connected to “Emschertalbahn” (important railway line for the industry in this region) and to the “Emscher” river.
Until its closure in 1985 because of overcapacity in the steel market, the plant produced pig iron for Thyssen steel mills. Since then its natural surroundings were left undisturbed and a part of the area was rebuilt into a recreation area. Today, the area is open day and night and one of the highlights of your visit can be going to the top of the former blast furnace 5.

If all these aren’t enough to pique your interest, you can also test your climbing skills at the ore bunkers, diving in the gasometer, or explore the area from different perspectives through the high ropes course. For those who cannot sleep at night, the building looks artfully illuminated during the weekend and public holidays. Also, different kinds of events are being held here from time to time so there’s no reason for anyone to get bored.

Even just the old industrial building, which is a bizarre ensemble of tubes, profiles, beams and tanks is already worth a visit. With each visit allowing you to keep on discovering something new.

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North Duisburg Landscape Park
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