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With Christmas just around the corner, we’re sure that thoughts will soon be all about stockings & stuffing, mince pies & mulled wine and the scent of pine trees but don’t forget our winter workshops! Introducing the November & December workshops schedule at Lomography Gallery Store London.

Photo by slimmer_jimmer

From walks through Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland, Holiday Light Painting sessions and D.I.Y. Lomowalls … there is something for everyone! Let’s all spread the analogue love!


4th November, Thursday 6pm – Colour Me Mad
This is colour splashing at its best! Not only will we splash each other in colour but we’ll so some crafty light drawing… you can be whatever you want to be traced in light! Think long exposures and spectrum streaks, fast speed film and coloured torches… who says we can’t have fun even when its wet, cold and gloomy outside?!
Tickets are £10 and include lend-a-Coloursplash camera, a roll of film and discounts on film processing.

7th November, Sunday 1pm – LCA+: Low-light shooting
We’re losing light and fast but fear not because the LC-A camera has you covered! Because of the amazing all-knowing light meter, you don’t need to worry too much about lack of light. We’ll shoot some fast speed film to really make the most of the shorter days.
Tickets are £10 and include lend-a-LCA camera, a roll of film and discounts on film processing.

11th November, Thursday 6pm – Diana Flash Painting
Have a Diana but still haven’t used it? Don’t have one but were thinking it would be a nice Christmas present to yourself? This is the workshop for you! Learn the basics of this camera and keep up to date with all the accessories and features. We’ll throw in some light painting flashy fun while we’re at it.
Tickets are £10 and include lend-a-Diana camera, a roll of 120 film and discounts on film processing.

Photo by Huge.Look.Left

14th November, Sunday 1pm – When 2 become 1: DianaF+ in 35mm
It’s a match made in heaven when the DianaF+ camera meets the 35mm back adaptor! Take your pick between the 4 different formats – square with sprockets, standard, exposed sprockets and panoramic. Don’t know which to choose? Don’t worry, all will be explained.
Tickets are £10 and include lend-a-Diana camera + 35mm back, a roll of film and discounts on film processing.

21st November, Sunday 1pm – Countdown to the Sprocket Rocket
This camera was just launched worldwide on the 27th of October so it’s fresh, new and fun! Have a go with the latest camera from the Lomographic range and get to know what panoramic sprockets are really like. One word: AWESOME.
Tickets are £10 and include lend-a-rocket camera, a roll of film and discounts on film processing.

25th November, Thursday 6pm – Lubitel B&W Portrait Session in 35mm
You’ll get to test drive the 35mm adaptor on this luscious camera… that’s triple the amount of shots! Learn all about the Lubitel and practice your B&W portraiture skills while shooting each other wearing props such as reindeer antlers, santa hats and glowing rudolf noses! Don’t laugh, Christmas is just around the corner after all!
Tickets are £15 and include lend-a-Lubitel camera, a roll of B&W film and discounts on film processing.

27th November & 4th December, Saturday 1pm Lomowalk: A Wander through Winter Wonderland
Think crisp sunny day, fun fare rides & lights, an LC-A+ in your hand and sips of lovely mulled wine… this is what this walk is all about! Get in the Christmas spirit and take a walk through Hyde Park’s festy Winter Wonderland with us (before the rest of the crowds do). There will be a quick starter course on the LC-A camera in store before we all take off.
Tickets are £15 and include lend-a-LCA camera, a roll of film, discounts on film processing and film purchases on the day and a glass of mulled wine at the park. Please have your oyster cards/transport tickets ready. Maximum 12 people per walk so book quick!

9th December, Thursday 6pm – Make your own Lomowall (makes perfect presents!)
Lusting after the walls we have in store? Now is your chance to make your very own! Authentic Lomowall panels direct from our headquarters in Vienna will be used along with 81 mini prints of your choice. They can be all different shots or 4 duplicated shots to create the walls we know and love. There is nothing like a little DIY for Christmas.
Tickets are £15 and include processing of 81 prints and the wall panel + festive wrapping paper. All prints from participants must be sent to with SUBJECT “LOMOWALL”. Either 81 or 21 individual prints (21 photos will be printed x 4).

12th December, Sunday 1pm – DianaF+: A Christmas Crash Course
Before everyone goes off on Christmas holidays and things get really hectic, best get your Diana knowledge sorted out. Nothing worse than having family photos come out black/blank. It’s the last workshop of 2010 so let’s make it count!
Tickets £10 and include lend-a-Diana camera, a roll of film and discounts on film processing.


Photo by slimmer_jimmer

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  1. spoeker
    spoeker ·

    yeah testing the sprocket rocket on 21st november :)
    Will call you as soon as I got the OK from my friend where I'll be staying the week

  2. golfpunkgirl
    golfpunkgirl ·

    cool! ring us as soon as you find out! 02074341466

  3. spoeker
    spoeker ·

    yeah sprocket rocket! fun times! thanks for having us, can't wait for the photos!

  4. erinwoodgatesphotography
    erinwoodgatesphotography ·

    Hey is anything special happening in the store between 17th-27th, i'll be visiting family in England for the holidays and would love to make the trip more lomo worthwhile :)

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