Washington Street Mills


A walk through an allegedly haunted mill building. Once a booming textile mill, the Washington Street Mills is an amazing place for beautiful and spooky shots. In spite of the refurbishments that have already taken place, it’s still as creepy as ever.

If you ever visit a town with a prominent river, it is almost guaranteed that there will be a prominent mill yard to accompany it. Dover New Hampshire is no exception to this rule. Once a booming textile mill, the Washington Street Mills is an amazing place for beautiful and spooky shots.

First constructed in 1877, the Washington Street Mills sought to harness the power of the mighty Cochecho River for textile production. Within a few years, the Washington Street Mills produced cloths that were being sold internationally. At one point these mills were the most successful in the country. With this boom, it created jobs for the area and further boosted the booming economy.

But mill work was dangerous back then. The fast paced looms were dangerous to workers and often caused injury and sometimes even death. In buildings that are over a hundred years old that has witnessed various injuries and deaths, you better believe people think that it’s haunted. It is rumored that there are a few corridors and staircases that are haunted with spirits of long deceased mill workers lingering around.

Although some of the mill buildings have been refurbished and transformed into artists’ studios and spaces for businesses, much of the mill’s stairwells and corridors are still as creepy as ever. It’s not hard to find a factory building like this right around the corner from your town I’m sure, so load up a spooky film of your choice and find an old mill building like Dover’s. I guarantee you’ll have a scary good time.

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