Blue Christmas Gallery


It’s that kind of feeling where you just don’t want to be in, and when winter comes, it’s inevitable not to get affected by it, but isn’t it time to take a step back and see what’s there to appreciate despite everything being covered in snow? Well, this latest photo selections for will prove just that!


Wide open blue skies, your favourite worn-out blue jeans, and the sweet taste of blueberries inside your mouth. It’s more than just a colour we’re already familiar of that we normally see it almost everywhere and usually comes in different hues, but everytime the cold season comes, blue becomes synonymous with sadness, depression or, scientifically speaking, a mood disorder. It could be the sudden drop in temperature or the absence of seeing the bright sun that’s been hiding beneath the winter clouds that’s giving us the blues – whatever the reason is, one should not wallow too much in this kind of state, after all, it’s something that comes and goes, so think of it as a prelude for anything good that’ll come the next season where everything will be more cheerful.

For now, we must try to cultivate the invincible warmth found within us and allow ourselves to be inspired by it in order for us to endure such harshness.


written by fookshit on 2010-12-08 #lifestyle #gallery #winter #blue-christmas #selections


  1. nicolas_noir
    nicolas_noir ·

    crikee @crikeemikee what a great shot!

    Greats shots from all!

  2. warning
    warning ·

    I love Christmas and i love this gallery!,

  3. niki-tzi
    niki-tzi ·

    great gallery!!!

  4. ahleng90
    ahleng90 ·


  5. crikeemikee
    crikeemikee ·


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