Angular Momentum- Shoot with the Sprocket Rocket


The camera itself looks very retro, it reminds me of some old vintage cameras, but the inner life of the camera is equipped with the finest lomographic details. After I tested the new sprocket rocket camera for a long time, I can only say that it is ready now for a trip to outerspace – to the sprocket universe.

While the countdown is on, you have enough time to charge the camera with a 35mm film (at least iso 400). The film transport is controlled manually through two turning knobs , fast forward and reverse the film in every direction whenever and as much as you like.

The 30mm lens opens up the possibility to shoot panoramic pictures with an angle of 106°. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6….. now attach a flash, for example the lomo colorsplash flash , and try the first shot of yourself and the capsule while the rocket is lifting.

Change the switch from N to B and make a longtime exposure out of the window while the clouds are moving by. Forgot to turn the film transporting knob? No problem, the camera is capable of making multiexposures as well, so don´t be scared trying that as well!

As you are leaving the earth´s atmosphere it´s getting dark in your space capsule and now it´s time for some shots of the earth beneath and the stars above. The moon is passing by, don´t you think that would be a great shot of its craters with this nice panoramic camera?? Shoot!

And who knows, depending where your space trip will end and what distance you leave behind, maybe you will find a little sprocket universe outside, where all these little sprocket aliens will surely have a lot of fun with your new camera too and you will come back with lots of very cool pictures!

If so, sprock on!

written by hti on 2010-10-27 #gear #review #mystery-product #multiple-exposures #staff-review #wideangle #outerspace #sprocket-rocket

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