Seattle Public Library

A strange building with so many unique things to offer, the Seattle Public Library will not disappoint. Curious to see what was inside this odd-shaped building, I entered the Seattle Public Library for the first time and was delighted with what I found. Aside from its immense size, there are all sorts of unique – and functional aspects to this library that are just waiting to be discovered.

The Seattle Public Library is a very curious building from the outside, it really is quite interesting. That is pretty much the only reason why I entered the building in the first place. I was walking along the street, looked over to my right and saw this massive building with an odd shape. I thought, ‘What in the world could this building be for?’ As I walked in I was surprised by its size. The ceiling seemed to go on forever and there was a countless number of floors.

This library has so many unique aspects to it, like rows and rows of computers, available for anyone to use. There is also a coffee shop and a unique art and book shop (I actually bought a picture frame here for my wife). The elevators are made of glass so you can view the building as you go up or down. There are all sorts of secret little areas to discover like this red hallway (very eye catching). Although I did not know what to expect when I walked in, I was amazed with all the things that this interesting building has to offer. Just another reason why I am a huge fan of Seattle, Washington.

written by jblaze823 on 2010-11-11 #places #washington #downtown #building #library #seattle #location #public #architecture #personal-story

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