Go Panoramic With Sprocket Rocket!

The retro look, the wide panoramic format, sprocket holes…..what more could you possibly ask for!? Sprocket Rocket will rock your world!

Sprocket Rocket captures amazing panoramic view with its wide angle lens.

Have you encountered a situation where you are at a location you want to take pictures of and want yourself to be included, but you can’t find others to press the shutter? No problem! You can shoot as close as 0.6m with Sprocket Rocket, so you can hold the camera yourself, and not only you will be in focus, but also the camera will still include the background with it’s wide panoramic format!!

Sprocket rocket takes 35mm and it shoots about 18 pictures on 36 exposure film.
Horizon perfekt and kompakt shoot about 22 images/ roll, so the images are a little longer than our beloved horizon series. The camera has a plastic body, which makes the camera more affordable, so it’ll be a great alternative for those who wants a panoramic camera, but can’t afford the horizon series.

The function is easy and simple- it has normal mode (1/100) and bulb mode for the shutter speed and cloudy and sunny setting for the aperture. 400 ISO works the best on sunny day, but just like diana, you can use slower ISO film with a little adjustment on the aperture setting.

The images often has very dynamic vignettes, which I know my fellow Lomographers will just LOVE! Oh, and one of the best part about this camera is the design, I must say. The retro look of Sprocket Rocket will definitely capture your heart!

written by satomi on 2010-10-26 #gear #35mm #review #sprocket-holes #panorama #retro #sprocket-rocket

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