Finding Macau’s Spiritual Moments


A 3-day trip to the small city of Macau with my Nikon turned out to be an eye-opening experience. With my camera, I was able to capture amazing shots of this multicultural city which doesn’t only boasts of great food but a lot of interesting structures as well. Just goes to show how great things can come even from small packages.

I’ve traveled far to Europe and Japan but Macau, which is only a 90-minute flight away, is definitely out of my ambitious selection for holidays. Well, things changed and you’ll never be able to resist it, so I went to Macau for a 3-day visit. I leafed through travel books and concluded that this is a place for delicious food! As for scenic spots, I think they are not as special.

When I landed and took a peek of the street, I found out that I was totally wrong! Boasting of its huge casinos, Macau also has a long history of a mash up of cultures and chaos and now it is a multicultural city where you can hear several languages being spoken whenever you stroll around the different areas. I used Kodak’s Ektar 100 to capture these busy street scenes in Macau.

One of Macau’s famous sites is St. Paul’s Ruins:

To my surprise, once you walk across the busy tourist area, you are also entering the local people’s area. I have to confess that their streets and buildings amaze me. It actually seems to be “crushed” together, the shape of the Macanese buildings are quite an eyesore at first, but I then found them to be interesting and the Ektar presented these details well. Macanese people are also very religious as you can see a lot of temples in this city, but there are also austere churches. My favorites are St. Lawrence’s Church and St. Joseph’s Seminary for the peaceful and quiet environment. I used my Ektar to capture those serene moments.

When I came home, I developed the film and it had great results! Macanese moments are well presented in these photos. Now, I learned that even if a place is as small as Macau, one should never underestimate the great treasures that can lie within.

Some more of my favorite shots:

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