Lomography Sprocket Rocket - Beauty not Beast


Finally! A panoramic 35mm camera that weighs 10 times lighter than the Horizon! A big fan of panorama, but a foe of heavyweights, the Sprockets Rocket answered my prayer. And the best part of it all, like its name suggests, it shoots sprockets! How cool is that?

Mr postman is no stranger to me. Every time he rings the doorbell, I’ll race to welcome my new toy. Knowing that the mystery camera was in his hands this time round (I was one of the lucky beta-testers!), my heart raced faster than the rocket and the beautiful encounter begins.

Lying inside the parcel was a camera that looks like a vintage camera from my collection, the falcon miniature. It is plastic yet feels robust. When I looked through the viewfinder, it took my breath away. Wider than wide, 106º angle of view, 18 frames with a roll 36 exposures.

The built is solid and mechanism is simple. It has a variable spring shutter like the Diana camera, “N”(1/100s) for daytime and “B” for long exposures. Paired with a tripod mount, it’s great for capturing night scenes too. Equipped with two aperture settings – sunny(f16) and cloudy(10.8), and two distance settings – 0.6m ~ 1m and 1m to infinity, that’s really all you need to head the street for some beautiful shots. It has a hotshoe and the Ringflash sits nicely with the adaptor for Fisheye No.2. Multiple exposure was also possible with this uncomplicated love. This baby loves light because of its wide angle. So remember to watch your film speed and aperture setting. It can be tricky even with the use of a flash.

Technical stuff aside, the Sprocket Rocket is awesome for capturing extensive landscape, tall buildings and crazy group shots. It’s lightweight and perfect as a travel companion. Yielding strong vignettes and dreamy corners, it works well with all kinds of 35mm films including the new Lomography Redscale XR50-200 film. Please check out my test shots!

Last but not least, exposing the sprocket holes is cool because it screams analogue!

A true beauty, not a beast. It won’t guarantee you super sharp images or perfect exposures like the beastly Horizon but hours of fun and loads of analogue surprises each time. Thanks to LSI for giving me this opportunity to test out the Sprockets Rocket first hand!

Are you ready to expand your horizon?

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  1. norya
    norya ·

    THIS is so good written!!!! i cant wait to expend my horizon!!!!!!!
    U R MY IDOL JLD!!!!!!!

  2. lawypop
    lawypop ·

    my idol tooo :))

  3. stickyvinny
    stickyvinny ·

    Great review!

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