LomoPeople: Mardorf Mermaid

The unknown beauty from Mardorf surfer beach.

I was at Mardorf surfer beach, lake Steinhude, Lower Saxony, Germany, to take some pictures for the Ripcurl competition when I saw this young woman. She was laying on the beach, reading a book and enjoying herself.

What immediatly caught my eye was her hair. It was totally pink with a nice haircut. So after taking some pictures of the surfers I was brave enough to ask her, if I could shoot a Diana Splitzer shot with her and one of the surfers. She agreed and I must say I really, really like the result. I have ONE single photo of her, do not know her name or where she is from. So, Mardorf Mermaid, who are you?

written by mephisto19 on 2011-07-21 #lifestyle #surfing #mephisto19 #mermaid #mardorf #lomopeople

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