High-Speed Deadstockmania!


Fuji 1600 HG. Deadstock. What better emulsion for high-speed experiments?

Another deadstock high-speed film, the Fuji 1600 HG used to be a standard film for all those needing the extra sensitivity. Of course, all these rolls will now be expired. As you probably know, expired film loses speed. The higher its box speed, the faster it loses it. Freezing/refrigerating might slow this process down, however it will not really stop for high-speed films. Despite this, I strongly recommend buying deadstock films if you find them for cheap, as in the lomographic spirit they can be great to experiment with!

You have to overexpose them to get good results and the grain might be obtrusive, there may be colour casts and funky effects and… that’s just why I love them! Not to mention the joy of holding and shooting emulsion from more glorious times, ancient relics of the past!

What I did with my first Fuji 1600 HG roll was really experimental, as I had no idea what the emulsion had gone through. So I did a doubles project with the very talented japsix!

We both shot the film @400 ISO, as we were both using original LC-A for this project, overexposing it a lot, and that was my mistake. I ended up overexposing it so much, that her exposures do not always show. But hey, that’s the purpose of experimenting, isn’t it?

Despite the age of the roll we still got some nice lomographic images from it!
So, if you get the chance to score some Fuji 1600 HG deadstock, don’t hesitate! Just send me the roll afterwards for the second exposure layer ;)

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