Expired & Instax.


Most of you somehow wanted to take pictures with instant cameras. But, given the very high price few are willing to take risks and buy expired film. I ventured.

It would seem, because of the relatively weak chemical protection
layer on the surface of photocards, and because of the heaps of
warnings on the box, such as the strictest isolation of X-rays,
humidity and temperature changes and other damage, already a little
overdue film does not operate.
In order to assure you that this is not so, I bought the film, that
expired 5 years ago. The result was delicious!
For those who have ever shot with a Fuji Instax, is known problem of
large number of white spots in cloudy weather, and not a very good
white balance.
So, – 5 year overdue gives the film much more interesting white
balance, which you can watch here. We can also match a complete lack
of color change, which is certainly a plus for expired film.

Thus, the expired Instax Fujii film is no less favorable material for
instant capturing moments of your life!

Also glad to tell you about the trick:
Insert the tape into the camera, remove the protective card, remove
the tape from the camera and put it into the light.
After 10 minutes, insert the cassette into the camera and shoot!
You will get the first frame, of course, nothing.
With the second shot you will get the passing deep into the pink frame,
And with the third – shot in a slightly blue tone.
Thank you and good luck!

written by egorkennedy on 2011-01-26 #gear #people #review #expired-film #fuji-instax #instax-expired #fuji-expired #fuji-instax-wide

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  1. fakingsleep
    fakingsleep ·

    I didn't have much luck with expired film so far. It seems to really depend on the storing conditions..
    But I'll definitely give it more tries!

  2. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    I must turn my computer upside down to see the photos! :) however, I have a box of expired pola films some are expired from like 14 years!

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