Shooting Moving Targets with High Speed Ammo

Kodak Ektapress 1600 is, as the name suggests, a high-speed colour negative film predominantly aimed at photojournalists. Ideal to get those action shots of things that don’t stand still (such as tigers!!!!)!!!!

It has been previously described that photography and shooting guns have many things in common (Zenith Photosniper anyone?). In both disciplines the problem is when shooting moving targets.
Thankfully, in photography we merely capture an image (War is atrocity!) and we have our ways to freeze moving objects. These need not always be as hi-tec as powerfull strobe blasts in a dark room, but they need be high-speed, like the fast film I recommend for your extreme action photography, Kodak Ektapress 1600. Too bad it is deadstock. I was lucky to get several boxes of it and hoard it in my fridge for those missions where extra speed is of the essence. It has expired many years, which explains the wonderfull lomographic colour cast witnessed when light conditions start getting really bad, like twilight, such as in this shot:

I use it when I anticipate abysmal lighting conditions and have to shoot long-range (which precludes on-camera flash) or motifs that would be startled by light. It allows to shoot hand-held (luggin a tripod around is just too cumbersome) in low-/natural light, just excelent when you don’t want to worry too much about blurred shots (how unlomographic! But it happens!) In most of the pics here I used it to shoot me some big game.

The grain adds a lot to the aesthetic of this film and I must say it the ideal lomographic high-speed colour film. Highly recommended.

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