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Fuji Provia 1600. Unique high-speed slide film. Cross it. Nuff said.

I got a single roll of Fuji Provia 1600. To my knowledge, this awesome film is deadstock. Get it while it’s still available (and get me some rolls too while you’re at it)!

Now that I begun with a flashback, namely the conclusion as introduction, let’s fill in the blanks.
There are not many sensitive slide films out there. Most of the time it is difficult to get a 400 ISO slide film.
Oh, wait. Provia 1600 is also really a 400 ISO film. Just one that pushes remarkably well, even to 3200!
If you have always wanted to capture the night in xpro without using flash, then this is your film! It is super fast and the grain is not too obtrusive. You can shoot this baby in near darkness and still get images, especially when used in combination with a fast glass beauty such as the Lomo L-CA+ (which is what I did btw)!

Of course, I didn’t want to waste such a lovely slide film to straight E-6! I’m all about the xpro! And I must say, Provia 1600 delivers. Predominant green hues when at the brink of underexposure, but when there is ample light, then the tones are accentuated, contrast added, in some case more pastel, just gorgeous!
This is a film that you definitely have to try out!

written by cyan-shine on 2011-01-30 #gear #film #slide #deadstock #review #lomography #high-speed #cross-process #user-review


  1. wzzk
    wzzk ·

    too much grain. annoying.

  2. pealharbour
    pealharbour ·


  3. shoujoai
    shoujoai ·

    which camera did you use?

  4. paper_doll
    paper_doll ·

    some nasty comments here... good work man, keep those reviews coming! now let's not use that film in daylight again please :)
    @shoujoai: he used the lca - 'especially when used in combination with a fast glass beauty such as the LCA+ (which is what I did btw)!'

  5. wzzk
    wzzk ·

    have to say it you should use a tripod if you want to shoot perfect night photos with LC-A. since it may take up to 20 seconds LC-A closes the shutter even in 400 ASA setting with Auto Mode. and you just can't hold the camera without shaking even 3 seconds... your photos above are the proof.
    my intention is not to make fun with you. anybody who check this review may obtain something helpful.
    @paper_doll: you're right, -this film made for low light conditions- but grain became less visible in the daylight photos above. it can be used as well in daylight with correct aperture size.

  6. paper_doll
    paper_doll ·

    i can't understand exactly what went wrong... for example, #6 and #7 seem to be taken around the same time but are completely diferent, how weird. i guess you have to be careful with this kind of film.

  7. wzzk
    wzzk ·

    #7 is an underexposed photo. its ordinary when you used the auto exposure setting . I never trust the lightmeter of LC-A in daylight. it can't measure the light accurate enough everytime.
    to avoid this result, I suggest to use an external lightmeter (when shooting in daylight with LC-A) and set the proper aperture setting.

  8. cyan-shine
    cyan-shine ·

    I love grain :D And if I wanted to take perfect night shots I wouldn't use a high-ISO slide film expired for a decade nor would I cross-process it and post it on lomography. Underexposure in no. 7 is the result for the grain, as @wzzk said, because we have a subject with a brighter background. This is a known problem with center and matrix metering modes. A different angle so as to have the light in my back would have been more advantageous. The biggest source for the grain is the fact this film was expired for years and obviously lost a lot of speed, but I still shot it @1600 cause that's what I like.
    The LCA+ has no aperture setting. Futhermore, the LCA only functions then as aperture priority. The speed is still set by the meter, except if you toy around with the ISO. So, actually, this doesn't help much.
    Oh and it seems the trolls have invaded.

  9. ihave2pillows
    ihave2pillows ·

    I just used it in my Spinner 360... surprisingly good :)

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