Disposable Panorama Confusion


Ever been jealous of all our comrades with Horizons? Ever wanted to participate in that panoramic feeling? Well, then perhaps you will find the disposable Rollei Panorama 135/27 Single Use Camera equipped with Rollei 400 ISO CN film interesting!

Looking for a new one-shot experience I happened upon this disposable Rollei Panorama 135/27 Single Use Camera equipped with Rollei 400 ISO CN film. A panoramic disposable camera? Wow! How can this be? Gief!

So I did not hesitate and got one, immediately employing it in a trip to beautiful Cologne, where there are many fantastic vistas to capture!

The operation of the camera is simple, as with all disposables. It includes a flash, but I didn’t really use it as I was shooting in sunny conditions, something I would definitely recommend for this camera.
You can shoot regular or ‘panoramic’.

There is a slider that puts a mask in front of the lens and opens up the viewfinder that you have to operate if you wish to switch to panoramic mode. As you correctly suspect by now the ‘panoramic’ mode just produces elongated looking negatives, which have nothing to do with real panorama cameras or true negative elongation like with the Panorama function of a Lomography Diana+ 35mm Back. It is an interesting effect, but has nothing to do with panoramas, really. It just changes the shape of your negatives.

Here are the stats of the camera to further illustrate this:

Optical Lens 32mm, F=11,2 element
Focusing Focus Free, 1m – ∞
Shutter Speed Shutter 1 / 120s
Film Transport Pre-wound, Manual
View Finder Field = 80% PANORAMA
Flash Built-in Flash Press Switch 15s recycle time
Dimensions (mm) 109 (W) x 59.5 (H) x 31 (D)
Power Source 1AA – Alkaline Battery
Weight (g) 69.1
Main Plastic Material PS
Recycled / New Case Recycled

The cameras seem to be recycled Fujicolor Quicksnap Panorama bodies, only that those are pre-installed with ISO 800 film and not only ISO 400 film, so you have to really adjust to the slow lens/film combination and either judiciously use flash or shoot in the sun. I was very impressed with the film, however, it is true lomographic stock with good exposure latitude and producing some really funky colour saturation!

All in all, I was very happy with this disposable camera. It is light, feels good in your hand and the ‘panoramic’ mode is a nice gimmick. Most important, it makes excellent lomographic photos and it is cheap. So, give it a go and lomo on!

written by cyan-shine on 2011-01-20 #gear #review #colour-negative #panorama #disposable #lomography #farbnegativ #user-review #einweg


  1. gvelasco
    gvelasco ·

    I don't like phony panoramics. They would have done better rebranding the Konica WeiWei.

  2. fash_on
    fash_on ·

    your pic of the DOM is like a painting :)

  3. cyan-shine
    cyan-shine ·

    @gvelasco I fully agree! @fash_on thanks a lot :D

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