A Tale of Accidental Double Exposures

There’s no such thing as a mistake in analogue photography. When you focus your lens on a subject, you can never be wrong! Accidents are not bad; not all mistakes are wrong. Your intentions might not reflect on the actual photo, but that’s exactly what life is. It is random, unpredictable, exciting.

Accidents do happen, beautiful accidents! Or miracles!

So here’s what happened. A couple of months ago, during my backpacking trip to Thailand, I was taking shots with my Oktomat when suddenly I noticed that the frame counter wasn’t moving. Darn it! I assumed there’s something wrong with the camera (not exactly sure what it was), so I decided to take the film out. But instead of throwing it away, I rewound the film by hand using a black jacket as my improvised changing bag to avoid overexposing it, then re-loaded it into my Robot Camera instead.

Surprise, surprise!

I was so amazed at how the processed film turned out! Apparently, my assumption was wrong. My bad (or good!). I had a whole roll of double exposures with inexact yet cool superimpositions and framing. The overlapping images came out beautifully.

I think I’m not the only one who’s had this experience. What about you, what’s your tale of accidental double exposures?

written by antibiotyx on 2011-06-06 #lifestyle #oktomat #robot-camera #lomography #double-exposures #happy-accidents #analogue-lifestyle

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