My Favorite Lomo Accidents and Other Musings


Getting burnt edges on films is by far my favorite lomo accident. They are unexpected, random, weird, and always fantastic!

Who says accidents are disastrous? Hell, no! They can actually be a cool thing in analogue photography. There’s beauty in catastrophe. All these accidents can make weird looking, delightful effects! Without them, film photography would just be plain boring.

Well, I don’t really know the exact reason why I get these burnt film edges, but I really like the unpredictability of getting these partially-burned out photos, especially in DIY redscale films. I often get such shots at the beginning of the roll. So I guess, it’s because I don’t advance the film far enough, or load the film erroneously, or click on the shutter too early.

Whatever the cause, I don’t really care. I personally believe that lomo photography isn’t all about knowing the process, the cause, or the science behind it. It is more about the experience. “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.” Clichéd or not, this adage holds true to every word it says for this not-so-cheap yet rewarding hobby.

After all, it is not an exact science, nor a restrictive, formal art. The “hit or miss” aspect of film photography makes it even more fun and exciting, and I constantly heart the feeling of anticipation of what’s going to come out.

The imperfection and the randomness that come along with it is really part of the charm. There’s really no such thing as “wasted shots”!

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  1. nanerbug
    nanerbug ·

    How do I post a picture of my accident? It was a picture of an ambulance leaving the scene of a crime and I caught something.

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