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Did you miss the Diana Petite Noire launch? Heard about the new Lomography Xpro Chrome film? We also introduced the new Nearby feature, did you know about that? Hmm … no? (where were you?!) Well, it’s time for a recap, then!

Welcome to the Lomography Magazine Times!

We have taken the magazine in a new direction with News and Analogue Lifestyle sections and there’s always more to come! The Magazine Times is here to deliver you the beat on what has been going on with a monthly recap on the latest products, events, community contributions and the top stories!

Top Stories

Lomography Color X-Pro Chrome
Brace yourself for some blistering reds and incredibly vibrant tones as we proudly introduce the all-new Lomography Color Xpro Chrome for 35mm! Expect nothing less than intense color and piercing clarity when developed as a slide.

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Diana Mini Petite Noire
Cute, petite and all kinds of sexy, the Diana Mini Petite Noire is back in black! Take this on your nights out – it’s the perfect accessory together with your trusty little black dress!

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Guess the Mystery Product
Lomography’s got something incredible up our sleeves but we’re not telling! At least not now! You guys will just have to whet your appetite and let your imagination go wild with these clues to our Mystery Product

Guess the Mystery Product Part 1
Guess the Mystery Product Part 2
Guess the Mystery Product Part 3
Guess the Mystery Product Part 4

Latest News

See What’s Nearby & Chance to Win 50 Piggy Points
Have you ever been curious what Lomographic treasures you haven’t unearthed in your hometown? With our all new Nearby page, you can geotag every photo and every LomoLocation and see the world in photos!

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Join the Great Geotag Rumble

The Word of the Month
Can you encapsulate and condense a whole month into just one word? You sure can with our new series – the Word of the Month! The name of the game with this new kind of rumble is we pick the word and you submit the photo. Rest assured we’re not going to make it easy for you.

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Join the Word of the Month Competition

Publish Your Year In Square
Are you as obsessed as we are about square images? Then it’s your chance to see your squares published! Lomography and Square Magazine are teaming up to give you an exciting opportunity to be published online in a special issue and in hard copy.

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Analogue Lifestyle…

My Analogue Life
Pamela Klaffke delights us once again and invites us to think in her weekly column. For this week, she shares her thoughts on shooting a series of photos and the inspiration that comes along with it.

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Cécile Schumann: Low-fi Superheroes
Catch Cécile Schumann and be inspired by her low-fi superheroes in action! Have a read, feel the passion and then submit your own text and Images for a chance to be published in the Square Magazine Online debut.

Read more about Cécile Schumann: Low-fi Superheroes…

James Dean: A Movie Icon with an Eye for Photography
We all know James Dean as the legendary actor who lived fast and died young. But aside from acting and racing, one of his passions was the medium of photography.

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A Perfect Band for a Perfect World
Faintly’s lead singer, Ian Ketterer discusses with us his love for both music and photography, specifically analogue. He goes on to say that: Analog is the way to go if you want the most honesty and rawness..

Read more about Faintly ...
Read the faintly LomoAmigo Interview

Fresh Tips & Amigos

Cameron Knight’s Lubitel Tutorial
LomoAmigo Cameron Knight prepares in great detail a walkthrough in taking professional level portraits with a Lubitel. Get your notebook ready as you’re going to need to take these tips down!

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LomoAmigo Andrew Standen-Raz Shoots with the Diana Mini
Our latest LomoAmigo Andrew Standen-Raz is a documentary filmmaker located in Vienna/London. Check out our extensive interview with Andrew and learn a TON of insights about passion in film and filmmaking along the way!

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New Series

Everyday we encounter individuals that inspire us and influence the way we live our lives. Its high time you introduced these special LomoPeople to the world and tell their story don’t you think?

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Submit your own LomoPeople

Requested Posts Update
We want to hear from you guys so we’ve updated our Requested Posts! Get in on the action and send in your News, Lifestyle and Location pieces and you’ll get up to 10 Piggies in return!

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Special Spooky Locations Callout
Have you been to the creepy haunted house down the street? Or do you know a spooky, deserted mausoleum in the local cemetery? Show us the scariest LomoLocations you can think of and you’ll get some ghostly Piggies!

See Spooky Locations from Community submissions so far..
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Special Lomo in the Home Halloween Callout
Do you have Lomographic techniques on decorating your home on Halloween? Show your creative juices and submit your special Halloween Tipsters for Halloween and you’ll get juicy Piggies!

Read more about the Lomo in the Home Halloween Callout..

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