The Dome of Utrecht


It used to be one huge building but it got divided.

The Dome of Utrecht was built on the ground of an old church during the 7th century then got destroyed by the Normans then a second time due to a fire. So they thought of building something huge and everlasting. It started in 1254 when the Dome as we can now see it, was built. It has the highest church tower in The Netherlands with 112 meters. As times are changing the Dome went through ups and downs throughout history. Protestants, Catholics, French, Dutch…

But in August 1st 1674 something really important happened that still has a significant influence today. A big storm destroyed the middle part of the Dome! So it now has two parts: the tower on the one hand and the rest of the church on the other (and the gardens of the Dome). In the middle, is a huge square with a street. Now they think of renewing the Dome, building it up again.

For me, the Dome of Utrecht is impressive. You can see it from everywhere, it is huge and so nice. I like to take pictures of it, I like to go inside, I love the gardens and you always meet people with cameras there. Domtoren is the tower and there are extra guides for it and for the church. It is big fun to make a tour up the Dome and on a bright day, good invested money as you have a great view over the city!

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