Prophylaxis against Acute Forgetfulness

If you have a bad memory just like me, simply mark down which kind of film you have currently loaded.

Is it just me, or do you know that feeling? Sometimes I grab my camera, take some photographs and when I carry the film for processing I recognise things like: “Oh, that one just had ISO speed 100..” or maybe " Oh that one was a black-and-white film…"

And, if so the pictures often become way too dark or the beautiful, bright colors you wanted to record just turn out black and white.

Is that really necessary? Not everyone of us loads a film in the morning and when you come back again your done and ready to unload it. Sometimes the camera just lies around for several weeks and not all of them have a film cartridge observation window. As for instance our beloved Supersampler.

No problem! All you need is a piece of Sellotape and a permanent marker.
Affix the Sellotape to the back of your camera and write down all the things you need to know, just like ISO speed, or for example things like:
b/w, slide, redscale
That way you are always informed and it can be removed traceless.

written by spoeker on 2010-04-04 #gear #tutorials #films #tipster #sellotape #remembrance #quickie-tipster #permanent-marker #mark
translated by supastah2003

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