Plompetorengracht in Utrecht


Just a gracht like any other – or an unassuming place to take amazing photographs? No matter how many times I pass by this place, it never ceases to inspire me to take at least a photograph or two with whatever film camera I have with me that day. Here’s my collection of photographs from one of my favorite spots in the city.

If you look at it closely it’s actually just a street – an old street, but still, just a street. It’s a street with a canal in the middle, so it is divided by water. Don’t you just find that fascinating? You get out of the house and see this canal. The street and the gracht are in Utrecht, Netherlands, where I use to spend some time in.

Starting from the first time that I have been there in December 2009, I already started shooting Plompetorengracht from one perspective. Sometimes I like to change it up – although not that often even though I pass by that street a lot! But what I try to make sure of is that each time I pass, I at least take one picture. If I have a new camera or new film with me, I go there to take some shots. If I shoot doubles, one shot is mostly Plometorengracht. I take pictures there day and night, when it is snowing, raining, dusty or with the brightest sunshine you can imagine. I took pictures of it with many different cameras and different films.

Here are my top choices and I hope you like my selection of photos featuring the Plompetorengracht in Utrecht. There are actually more places here that I consider to be special like the unique Oudegracht, where restaurants are directly next to the water or the Dome of Utrecht but somehow I’m mostly drawn to Plompetorengracht.

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  1. kjrunia
    kjrunia ·

    Nice article about the Plompetorengracht. And the pictures are just gorgeous!

  2. inksi
    inksi ·

    Beautiful pictures!

  3. mel_oklap
    mel_oklap ·

    i like the photos especially the b/w ones.

  4. sudhakar
    sudhakar ·

    I like the first picture!
    I visited Utrecht multiple times, its a awesome place. Particularly I enjoyed walking in streets along the Oudegracht canal.

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