NYC Pickle Festival 2010

Pickle lovers from across New York City gathered last weekend for the NYC Food Museum’s annual Pickle Festival. As an avid pickle lover myself, I grabbed my fisheye and headed out to the Lower East Side to get some photos, and maybe try a few kinds of pickles too.

For ten years now, crowds of people have gathered to celebrate their love for the pickle. The annual pickle festival, hosted by the NYC Food museum didn’t disappoint this year, as thousands of fans gathered in a parking lot on Broome and Ludlow to buy, taste and eye pickles of all kinds.

Large name vendors, like NYC’s own Peanut Butter and Jelly Company, passed out their own pickle recipes, such as sour pickles dipped in chocolate peanut butter. Many independent pickle farmers also attended the festival, selling organically grown pickles and other products.

Besides the massive number of pickles, the festival also featured activities for kids (and adults) to enjoy. Face-painting stands, free pickle tattoos, and craft tables provided a nice break from eating. These also thoroughly entertained the younger crowd.

Unfortunately, if you missed this year’s festival, you’ll have to wait until next October for the next. In the meantime, the NYC Food museum stage fascinating exhibits all year long that would interest food-lovers of all kinds. And if you don’t want to wait for an entire year to celebrate pickles, then visit Pickle Packer's International website for everything pertaining to pickles, including pickle facts, recipes and brands.

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