My Very V.I.P. party and exhibition

You will probably remember our My Very V.I.P. contest. Lots of friends participated and we received many portraits of your VIPs, those you really care about.

Now it is the time to show the world who you really care about. Yes, that’s right, we are going to introduce the world your own VIPs in true Lomo style, that is, with a huge LomoWall that we are unveiling in Madrid on October 28th. This is the best tribute we could offer them.

Of course, you are invited along with the VIPs you captured with your lomographic camera, and all your friends, lomographers or not. This is going to be a true coming-out party, and we want you there!

But there’s more. We are actually holding a double exhibition, because we will also have public VIPs, those that appear on TV and in the cover of the magazines. Those you hear singing on the radio and in the silver screen. Those you stop on the street for an autograph. They will be rubbing elbows with us.

We are also introducing the photographic collection Los Mundos de Holga from our friend and lomographer Diego Martinez, graphic editor of the Esquire magazine. A gallery of 25 VIPs from the Spanish culture and society. People that have been captured by the lomographic lenses: Amaia Salamanca, Ariel Roth, Andreu Buenafuente, Enrique Bunbury, Jesús Calleja, Chenoa, Fito Cabrales, Giorgi Dann, Jose Mº Garcia, La mala Rodríguez, Alejandro Sanz, Vinilla Von Bismarck, Miguel Rios, Macaco, Cristina Rosenvirge, Punset, Quique Gonzalez, Ricardo Darín, Sergi López, Jaime Urrutia, El Hortelano, Veronica Sánchez, Leonor Watling, Pereza, Tom Curren and Juan Ibañez will be there.

So… where’s the party?

We have chosen a special place for the occasion: Hub Madrid. Next door to Caixa Forum, Hub Madrid is a new and inspiring space where you can get together, work, innovate, learn and connect. A community for the exchange of ideas that promotes ethics in work. A place that you don’t want to miss.

To wrap up: You are invited to the double exhibition My Very Vi Ai Pi and Los Mundos de Holga next October 28th, at 8 pm in Hub Madrid.

Oh, and we will be definitely toasting with Macallan cocktails, probably the best malt whisky in the world!

written by cripeka on 2010-10-20 #news #party #event #fiesta #lomowall #contest #exhibition #madrid #vip #my-very-vi-ai-pi
translated by maloria

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