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它是當你看到一個新臉孔時第一眼就會留意到的東西。如果你碰見的人已一整個星期沒有洗澡,它也會給你警號。以下是 Lomography 對鼻子的歌頌,讓我們享受嗅覺為我們帶來的歡樂吧!

hilarionDiana F+

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常常地,鼻子會為我們製造氣氛,卻同時會破壞不少。還記得有多少個慵懶的星期天,賴在床上的你被早餐的香氣幽幽吸引而睡醒?又或是在那某幾天,你愛管閒事的兄弟在每次踫到你時留下難以掩蓋的怪異味道?我們的鼻子為我們的日常生活帶來了簡單的快活,我們則在此照片集中回贈它所需的曝光率吧!快來欣賞我們 照片 中的鼻子大特寫!

kerry0979Lomography Fisheye 2
chikapopDiana Mini
kristintachibanaLomography Supersampler
milkieLomography Fisheye 2
heavyheartLomography Fisheye 2
jennay_jeanLomography Fisheye 2
mergeFuji Instax 200
takezzoLOMO LC-A

written by cruzron on 2010-10-18 #lifestyle #animals #gallery #face #closeup #photos #nose #selection
translated by gateau


Bringing an iconic aesthetic to square format instant photography, the Diana Instant Square fills frames with strong, saturated colors and rich, moody vignetting. Built to let your inspiration run wild, our latest innovation features a Multiple Exposure Mode, a Bulb Mode for long exposures, a hot shoe adapter and so much more! It’s even compatible with all of the lenses created for the Diana F+ so that you can shake up your perspective anytime, anywhere. No two shots will ever be the same. Back us on Kickstarter now!

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