Mystery Product Launch PARTY @ Lomography Gallery Store London


Something is taking-off in store on the 27th of October!

Photo by Chikapop

So we’ve been having endless weeks of teasers and hints as to what the mystery product might be so finally on Wednesday the 27th of October, the big bomb is dropping in store and you’ll want to be there and see it!

There will be a special competition in store during the party and you’ll get a chance to win the all-new – - – - — – - – - – - – - (fill in the blanks)!

Make sure you’re at the store by 6:30pm on Wednesday, the 27th of October to witness the launch of our brand new product! All will be revealed worldwide at 7pm sharp.

Live music and drinks await… see you there!

Photo by Lakandula

P.S. 10% discount for anyone that comes dressed in authentic space attire!

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  1. teaandcoffee5683
    teaandcoffee5683 ·

    anyone know morse code?

  2. johnccc
  3. excuseme
    excuseme ·

    should i register for it? or can i just pop in?

  4. teaandcoffee5683
    teaandcoffee5683 ·

    i was thinking maybe those dashes were like morse code or something, but it doesnt really work out, i tried. :(

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