Creepy Coloursplash Captures at Lomography Gallery Store London

Halloween is soon upon us and we’re celebrating with a coloursplash workshop! Capture ghostly blurs with long exposures and light paint sinister devils, smirking pumpkins and blood-thirsty draculas!

Photo by slimmer_jimmer

Creepy Coloursplash Captures
28th October 2010, Thursday at 6pm

It’s that time of the year when ghosts and ghouls come out to play and what better way to capture them in action than with our very own coloursplash camera! Shoot ghostly long exposures and catch spooky blurs while splashing otherworldly spirits with colour.

Photo by realartyone

Add neon glow sticks, sparklers and coloured torches for a creepy light painting touch!

Photo by Huge.Look.Left

Tickets are £10 and include lend-a-camera, a roll of fim and discounts on film processing. Neon glow sticks and scary monster masks will be provided. PLEASE BOOK IN STORE OR RING US 02074341466 TO SECURE A SPOT

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