The Other London


I have followed my heart to the other London, In Ontario, Canada and as an outsider I will be sharing my new experiences with the London that no-one automatically thinks of when you mention the name. The one between the great lakes, south of Toronto and inhabited by students including my boyfriend, they say that first impressions last and here are mine…

I have spent alot of time in the London that most people know but I had never been to the London that I will be living in for the next year. All I really knew about this location before moving here was that my boyfriend will be doing his masters here for the next year and as I am portable I would be living there also.

I am from Australia and I’ve been living on the East Coast of Canada in Halifax where I met the boy who changed my plans of going to European countries to live and work to succumbing to another Canadian winter.. and I can’t be more happy about it. Before arriving I knew that there was a warm apartment waiting for me to see through the long cold Canadian winter and that there is a photography store three blocks down the road from it.

As always, before winter comes fall, and I have had the opportunity to capture the falling leaves and all of the different colors of the trees changing, something that being from australia, surrounded by evergreens and not having the temperature change as much we don’t get to experience.

Another thing that i have loved seeing since I have been here that we don’t have in Australia have been the squirrels, another similarity to the london that everyone knows and I have seen many others as well, either as direct references- the Covent Garden markets or the vaguely familiar street and ornamental signs.

After living in Canada for over a year now I am somewhat desensitized to the stereotypical Canadaian-isms, and I have grown to love their The maple leaf munching, the Tim Hortons sucking, penny dropping, yellow bus riding ways and grown to embrace these and many wonderful things about the culture.

Like when you move anywhere, there is always the settling in period, remembering where the different entrances are to the building, personalizing the new place and doing that first big grocery shop to stock up on the things that you love, trying to find a new job and make connections in the community all help to settle in.

I feel like having an outsiders view of the city. Splashing my own colors over it and seeing all of the differences and similarities in between this London and the one in England as well as all of the other places that I have lived and visited is a great thing to experience and I invite you to document a place which has the same name as another place, compare and contrast them and see what you come up with…

written by erinwoodgatesphotography on 2010-11-06 #places #university #love #boyfriend #romance #location #new-home #personal-story #new-experiences


  1. lucianamorin
    lucianamorin ·

    man, i really love this city. missing london already

  2. stumbles
    stumbles ·

    I am from Cleveland, Ohio ( I live in Atlanta now) and have been to London many times. I really miss not being able to take a weekend ride to visit with the wonderful folks there.

  3. sonyajuiceski
    sonyajuiceski ·

    love this article. i love london.

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