Austin - The Most Austin-tatious City in the World.


The official slogan for my fair city is “Keep Austin weird.” And, this city lives up to that slogan. Home to politicians, students, computer geeks, musicians, cowboys, hippies, nature lovers, and various other trouble makers, this city has something for everyone.

Austin is the capital of Texas, the largest state in the contiguous United States. (Alaska is the largest state, but it’s not contiguous.) Austin has lots of stuff going for it. It’s a great city with a great nightlife.

We don’t have all our economic eggs in one basket. Being the capital, politics is an important business here. We’re also home to the University of Texas, a world-class university with a long and proud tradition of excellence in education and sports. (Hook’em Horns!) Austin hosts two major musical events each year – The South by Southwest festival and The Austin City Limits festival.

Both are huge events that draw extremely large audiences from all over the United States to watch the hottest current acts. Austin lays claim to being the live music capital of the world. There are more live music venues per capita in Austin than anywhere else. Austin is also a high-tech Mecca. Several very large technology companies such as IBM, Facebook, Motorola, and Dell have a significant presence in Austin. The food in Austin is as varied as the people.

The earliest inhabitants were the native Americans which blended with the northern inhabitants of Mexico. In fact, Texas was once part of Mexico. The earliest Europeans were primarily the Spanish. Many of the Spanish place names still survive. Over hundreds of years other Europeans began making lives for themselves here – Germans, Chechs.

Many of the German place names also survive as do some of the culinary influences. Not too far from Austin is Elgin. Home of the Elgin Sausage and bratwurst. “Brats” are a favorite food of Texans. Texans are also very proud of their beer, another skill brought over by the Germans. However, the predominant cuisine in Austin is TexMex – a special version of Mexican that has some of its own unique flavors. Come visit us some time. We have something to satisfy all your senses.

There’s always some live music happening somewhere.

This little guy was such a famous landmark that when the store owners “cleaned” the wall, Austinites complained and they had to repaint it.

This bridge crosses over a lake that was recently named after the wife of former President LB Johnson. He was from this area and when he left office, they retired here. She had her office in his presidential museum. When she died, the named the Town Lake after her. The LBJ museum is the most visited presidential museum in the United States.

Our Capital building is taller than the U.S. Capital building.

This is the famous U.T. tower that is lit a burnt orange color when the Longhorns win a game.

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  1. mikeman85
    mikeman85 ·

    As someone who lives relatively close to Austin, Texas ( I live in good 'ol San Antonio.) I regularly visit the city for its amazing music scene and outdoor activities. Just recently, my girlfriend and I had our very first experience with Austin City Limits and to say we were extremely pleased with the festival would be a gross understatement. It was freaking amazing!

    Austin is everything you said it is and more, its a truly unique city. A city that I hope I can very soon call home. Can't wait to get there!

  2. gvelasco
    gvelasco ·

    I love the River Walk in San Antonio. You could do a nice pictorial on the River Walk and surrounding areas.

  3. mightymouse
    mightymouse ·

    Im from Lake Charles, Louisiana and It's always fun to go to Austin, but man they have some weird people there.

  4. gvelasco
    gvelasco ·

    ...and, they're proud of it.

  5. thetodd
    thetodd ·

    Great article and pictures. I love living in the Austin area. Thanks for doing it justice.

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