Europe With Your Disposable

Green and black are the colors of Wales and England. Strap on your backpack, jump on the train, and grab your single-use camera. At least that’s what I did. Wales and England are filled with vivid greens and deep blacks, all waiting to be captured on film.

First, I headed to Snowdonia, home of the famous Snowden Mountain, where I captured the sun and drank from a waterfall. Then I journeyed to the historic Tintern Abbey on the River Wye to eat lunch at the same site through which thousands of Christians went on a pilgrimage. Next, I crawled down the “Big Pit,” a historic coal mine of Blaenavon which officially closed in the 1980s, but remains open as a museum. Finally, I hitched a ride to Conwy to see the awesome Conwy Castle. Before leaving Europe, I decided to spend a day in London, where I cam across a cycling frog and caught a view of Big Ben from the bus window.

written by kdm315 on 2011-03-06 #places #travel #wales #location #london #uk #backpacking #travel-destination

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