Berlin: old and new architecture


Any city that has not remained paralyzed with the time, has an ancient part and a modern one.
So far, everything is clear. There are cities where the breaking point between some and others is clear, but in other cases, nevertheless, the difference is not so clear.

In Berlin, as in many other places, the catastrophes have left their traces (war, fires, …), but it is a city that has been able to be filling its streets with modern buildings, bridges and emblematic sites.

Coming to this point, someone can wonder and say: “what?”

The secret is to play with them to include them in photos that reflect the city’s union, not its alienation. Personally, I like to photograph the old buildings reflected in modern windows, or join some and others, as if there were the same (or doing that a big crane supports the weight of the Pergamon museum …).

Walking along Berlin, each one can find the best way of combining, joining, putting up, mixing or differentiating all kinds of buildings. You can like the old or the new ones … but you will fall in love with Berlin …

Address: you can feel the vibe of the old and new Berlin almost everywhere in the city. Just take your camera and see what captures your interest.

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