Ilford FP4+ in square is awesome!


Too bright? Too dark? This film can handle varying situations. Find out how by reading this article!

I bought the Ilford FP4+ over where it punctuates an “expired” mark on the film. This film found me a great interest since 1) it is expired and 2) it’s a traditional black and white film. I didn’t know I will be shooting this one in great sunny conditions. This film in medium format sports a 125 iso.

First off, I used this film over my Seagull TLR. The images are really great. It didn’t come out as pure black and white but mostly, it tones around a brownish to dark color. Fine grains do come out, has a superb tonal range and the film can shoot extremely sharp pictures. In cloudy or indoor conditions, it still deserves its name.

It is really an ideal for high quality indoor and outdoor photography, especially when giant enlargements are to be made. While Ilford does the greatest black and white films, this one deserves a treat for your pictures. It is a nice film that comes also with a nice contrast plus good deep tones. I find the tones “cooler” versus the Kodak T-Max 100, and I do happen to like that. The film is very great to use for outdoors. Basically, this is one of my favorite mid-speed film. I also love the gray areas that comes out with this film. Predictive shots even for the first-timers.

When you learn to love the grains, you would learn to love this film.

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  1. droogieboy
    droogieboy ·

    Some really interesting looking photos here, but the digital fuzzy image quality is weird. What where they scanned on? An I-Phone ?

  2. ethermoon
    ethermoon ·

    @droogieboy: No. They were back-lighted with a light from PC and took a picture with it. I will be scanning them soon again.

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