Fisheyed Zombies at Your Local Halloween Store


Where is the best place to get halloween junk? The halloween store, of course. PIck up your lomography camera and lets go right now. I don’t know if they allow cameras into the store but I brought one anyway. Usually there are so many people shopping that the managers don’t even notice you.

Using a flash is no problem because there are strobes going off everywhere. Its the perfect place to take pictures and not get noticed.

If you visit a really big halloween store they have a bunch of really good anamatronic robots that are really cool. Want to have more fun here? Bring some small children. They are terrified by all the scary monsters and bloody props. It’s a blast. Seriously put on a hideous mask and scare the first kid that walk by. It will make you feel great. Just make sure their dad isn’t John Cena and you will be alright, and besides. most kids will be there with their moms anyways.

Another wonderful thing to see this year is ZOMBIE BABIES!!!!!!! I don’t know what started this trend but I see these creepy ass things everywhere I go this year. They scare the hell out of me, seriously. If I ever come home and see one of these things sitting in my house I will walk outside and burn my house to the ground. SCARY!!! There are a bunch of great things to see here every year. You can take pictures of scary stuff without ever having to purchase it. Go to your local Halloween store with your favorite Lomography camera and you will not regret it.

written by gnarlyleech on 2010-10-13 #places #halloween #baby #scary #location #haunted #ghost #zombies #personal-story #spooky-location

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