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2011-03-21 9

How to make artistic photos by using a piece of slide film

A while ago i read in one of the tipsters that colurful photos can be knocked out by placing colorsplash flash filters into the camera. But frankly, this idea did not come very attractive to me. Because, in this way, all or a portion of these images would be in a color strip. And then I wondered how the outcome will be if I place a piece of color slide film into the camera. With this idea in mind I think a frame in the end of the roll could be appropriate. So I check the film rolls in my hand and all of a sudden I found this piece.

I placed this frame in to the camera upside- down position as the edge of the sprockets to be seen. Then I placed a new roll and start to shoot.

written by casiopeia on 2011-03-21 #gear #tutorials #quickie-tipster #lab-rat #sprockets #slide-filter #tipster #colorful-photos #film #top-tipster-techniques


  1. gvelasco
    gvelasco ·

    I don't get it.

  2. kerpella
    kerpella ·

    Lol, I was gonna say that...

  3. fash_on
    fash_on ·

    if the 2 photos that haven't loaded were here, i expect it would be easy to figure out what this means...see above "[357626,357627]"

  4. maxwellmaxen
    maxwellmaxen ·

    i guess he meant to post pictures from his album here:…

  5. boogieroxx
    boogieroxx ·

    I think i kinda get it! your pictures look awesome btw!

  6. xxxanderrr
    xxxanderrr ·

    What he means is that he's using a mask like in this article:…
    except instead of using those, he's using a piece of slide film.

    Except my dear colleague, you should have mentioned that one needs to overexpose shots in this case, since you have a full stop of film to get through, even if they are just bright colours.

  7. xxxanderrr
    xxxanderrr ·

    found an even better explanation:…

  8. lovemypics
    lovemypics ·

    I am not sure that I get it either ???!!??

  9. nadinadu
    nadinadu ·

    your pictures are awesome! but i dont quite understand what your trying to show...mind explaining?

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