Travessa da Paixão - The Romantic Lane


Travessa da Paixão is a small lane about 50 meters long which located beside one of the most popular tourist spot in Macau, The Ruins of St. Paul. This small little lane looks no different than many other lanes found in Macau island but its specialty lies in its name, Travessa da Paixão.

The Portuguese word “Paixão” means passion, love … etc, hence Travessa da Paixão means Love Lane.
Unlike The Ruins of St. Paul which is always crowded, Travessa da Paixão gain less attention from the tourists hence making the lane even more tranquil and serene, which makes it an ideal place for dating.

The buildings on both sides have been painted in pink and yellow which gave a strong tenderness feel. Block no. 5 till 11 have the same building structure and decoration while the structure of block no. 13 is a mixture of classic and modernization.

Walking on this small and narrow cobblestone lane doesn’t only bring romanticization but also an illusion of being in Europe.

Everyone who go to Macau should pay a visit here, especially couples! Or if you wanna take some wedding pictures in Macau, Travessa da Paixão is a spot should not be missed!

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  1. tempericarus
    tempericarus ·

    Awesome! I love this place! =)

  2. photohuggers
    photohuggers ·

    Great Location! Viva a Paixão!

  3. lilianas
    lilianas ·

    beautiful :)

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