A place full of surprises, Brighton is a seaside town located in the south of England. It’s home to 155,919 people and is approximately an hour away from London by train.

The first thing that caught my attention when I arrived was the Royal Pavilion, a former royal residence that was built in the 19th century as a seaside retreat for George IV of England. It’s a pretty extravagant building and is nothing like the typical buildings that we are used to seeing in England.

But this was not the only surprise we found when we visited the city. Brighton has been named as “The Gay Capital of the United Kingdom.” The gay community here is made up of 40.000 people, which they proudly celebrate in their annual “Gay Parade.” We were lucky enough to visit the city on the Gay Pride day, when people of different professions go out on the streets and defend equality and respect, filling the streets with color, music and humor.

Once the parade was over we went to visit the center of the city. It was a stupendous and sunny morning and the streets were full of tourists.

After a long walk, we ate at the beach and then we visited the Brighton Pier, another of the city’s attractions where we found an arcade, a small amusement park and several restaurants.

Without a doubt, if you travel to England you need to visit Brighton, I recommend it.

written by littlekoala on 2010-10-14 #places #pier #location #brighton #beach #uk #gay-parade #travel-destination
translated by katzpe


  1. funky08
    funky08 ·

    I love Brighton so much.

  2. candf365
    candf365 ·

    Great little lomography themed store called Zoingimage. Check it out if you visit.

  3. littlekoala
    littlekoala ·

    I went to a little shop and bought some films. Maybe it´s the same shop you say, because they sold a lot of lomographic cameras, but I can´t rembember the name now...

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