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The name of the person that I find most inspiring, is Lauren Deits. This portrait weaves the story of how she became that inspiring person to me, how instrumental she is in making me follow my dreams, and how I became better as a whole.

This is a girl named Lauren Deits. I met Lauren on a cakewalk, at an elementary school carnival, with our friends from other high schools, whose younger siblings went to this elementary school. I shot Lauren a stare because I had seen her at my high school before in passing, but we otherwise never had spoken to each other before. During this event, Lauren and I caught each other pointing at one another, and began to laugh. We both explained how we had seen the other at school, and promised each other that we would say hi if one of us ran into the other in the hall. We both later discovered the next year, that we shared a class together. From that first moment together in class we became good friends.

Lauren is inspiring to me, because she is one of the few friends that I can completely be myself around. I can tell her all of my deepest secrets, and she can share hers with me. There is never a boring moment with Lauren. We can tell each other about the exciting events in our life, and rather than one of us be jealous for the other person, we are both equally excited. We both know the clean, and the grimy parts of each persons life, and we don’t judge the other person on any of it. Lauren inspired me to be whoever I wanted to be in life, and follow my dreams, and to not let anyone talk me down from them. Lauren is a true friend, my best friend, and a truly inspiring person.

written by drlaporksha on 2010-11-10 #lifestyle #story #portrait #lomopeople #lauren-deits

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  1. wuxiong
    wuxiong ·

    good friends are important to life. I admire you have got one....

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