Hangar 37


At the heart of Pearl Harbor on Ford Island is a place that faced the full brunt of the Japanese attack on that fateful day in December. The location is Hangar 37 on the side of the old army and navy runway.

Here on the island of Oahu where I live there are many haunted places. It can be said that with such a history to the place it is hard to escape it. The one place I’d like to tell you about right now is Hangar 37 which has been transformed into the Pacific Aviation Museum.

On that fateful day in December the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Being a stone throw from the battleships and sitting on the edge of the runway made it a prime target by the Japanese fighter pilots. At 42,000sq. feet in size it was not overlooked in the bombing run.

Mysterious footfalls echoing from nowhere. Muffled voices of a long forgotten conversation. Shadowy figures and odd lights. These are only some of the things people have experienced in and around Hangar 37 as well as all of Pearl Harbor and Ford Island.

Having been converted into a World War II aviation museum they have brought in artifacts and aircraft from the war. There is even the skeleton of a downed Zero fighter on display currently. With so much history on display and in the location itself one couldn’t help but feel the very spirit of the place. Especially since the staff of the museum keep the entire hangar very dimly lit.

You can visit daily from 9am – 5pm. The cost is $15 for adults. Children are $8. Hawaii residents and military can get in for just $10.

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    that´s interesting!

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    Sounds interesting. Maybe I come some day over to Hawaii to see this place.

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    The german translation you will find here:

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