Castle Schleissheim

Castle Schleissheim is situated in Oberschleissheim, about 20 minutes from the city centre of Munich. The site consists of three single castle buildings which are connected by a beautiful park with canals, fountains and wonderful hiding spots that lead away from the main path in a labyrinth-like way.

The castles stem from the Baroque period and were used as a summer residence by bavarian sovereigns.

The great thing about the castle is that it provides various different themes for photography. You can concentrate on the castles themselves. the gazebos, the architecture and statues. Or you focus on the amazingly designed park, which in intself is an architectural masterpiece with its flowerbeds, fountains, canals and many ‘hidden’ spots surrounded by trees and hedges.

Conveniently, it doesn’t really matter during which season you visit the castle – it’s always good for beautiful photos! During spring and summer you can capture the colorful flowers and plants in its bloom, during fall the many trees with their red/yellow/orange leaves make for great shots and in winter, ice-skating people on the canals make for a romantic sight – all with the castle buildings in the background.

So if you are in or around Munich, I highly recommend this location to you!

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