Abandoned Pea Peeling Factory, Slowly Falling Apart


In the city I work in, there is an old abandoned pea peeling factory. It used to be a place for artists and musicians to perform, but since it’s falling apart, nobody is using the rooms in there anymore. I often drive by and I wanted to go in there!

A friend of mine, herr_zeit did an exhibition of his paintings there some years ago so he knew who we needed to contact to get a key. The first time we went there ’cause the weather outside was pretty bad. From that day on, we always went there when we had no chance to shoot outdoors.

Running around in this really big and empty building was sometimes pretty frightening ’cause it´s dark, the windows are broken and the wind is crying like an insane freak and the house itself is producing some horrilbe noises.

There were showroom dummies lying around, some pigeons watching us, and then we found a box with a leather whip an some other s/m gear. As the rain knocked on some of the remaining windows the frightening feeling grew and grew… Just check out the photos and dont forget to turn the lights out!

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