LomoPeople: Kelvin

Not everyone is lucky enough to meet someone whom they can share their passion with. But there are some people who are indeed fortunate, and they are very happy and more than willing to let us know about their analog love story!

I am not sure how many people in this world have a similar story to tell, but I would like to believe that ours is special and unique in its own little way. Believe it or not, Kelvin and I have met through Lomography.

He immigrated two years ago and during that time he was wondering whether Lomography is active in Canada. He was a member of LomoManila and was practically friends with some of the people I know there. Yes, it all started there.

We approach photography differently. He shoots based on his technical knowledge; I go more with what my gut says. Regardless, Kelvin has been an inspiration for me to do better. We constantly challenge and critique each other. Photography is something that binds us together as friends, as a couple, as photo hobbyists, and as Filipinos trying to live a new and better lives in a different country.

I have come to realized that not everyone is fortunate enough to meet someone they can share their passion with. Knowing that, I am happy to say that I am one of those lucky people and I couldn’t have asked for anything more awesome than him.

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