Zollverein Coke Plant

In the past the coke plant Zollverein was one of the modern coke plants, today the place invites you to marvel and to stay. The coke plant was built in 1957 in connection to the Coal Mine Zollverein.

The produced coke was used in the smelting of iron and steel production. At its heyday the coking plant reached a production of 8600T coke per day. By the steel crisis the coke plant must be closed down in June 1993.

Today the coke plant is a listed monument and with the coal mine Zollverein one of the anchor points of the European Route of Industrial Heritage. It has also been inscribed into the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.

Everyone who does not want to look at the coking plant from the usual angles, can take a ride with the sunwheel, which is a remnant of the exhibition “Sun, Moon and Stars – The Cultural History of Energy” in 1999. Or attend a guided tour through the coke plant, which leads you high at the roof and to the lower end of the highest chimney.

Most of the coke can be visited constantly. Those who wants to get a deeper insight into the coke plant and the previous production process, should take a guided tour, which is performed mostly by former workers of the coke plant. You will get a lot of funny background info of the work in a coke plant.

Guided Tour:
Costs: 6 €
Duration: maximum 2 hours
Sunwheel: *
May – October: sa – su 12am – 8pm
One-way fare: 1€
*Informationpoint of coke plant:

April to October: Tu-Su 10am-6pm
November to March: Tu-Su 12am-4pm
Coke Plant Café:
Every day 12am-8pm
Additional information:
Industriedenkmal Stiftung (english)

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