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Analogue Lifestyle

Special Feature: LomoPeople
First done by LomoAmigo Candice O’Donnel we’re opening it up to the whole community to share with the world the people in your life that are the object of your trigger finger’s affection. They say a picture is worth 1000 words but hopefully you can sum it up in 50. One shot and a brief text about what the subject and moment means to you.

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Special Feature: Spooky Locations
Haunted houses, ghost towns, famous tours to see the occult, even the best trick-or-treating spots in town; LomoLocations is celebrating All Hallows Eve. A special time of year cherished by kids, university students and even particularly adults who love an excuse to dress up!

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Special Feature: Festive Decorations, Lomography Style
Two great reasons to decorate are coming up and we want to know your ideas and special tips for decorating with your Lomographs. Do you decoupage your pumpkin with snapshots for Halloween? Make pinecone turkeys with tail feathers of photos. Be creative and share what you come up with! Get all the Information Festive Decorations, Lomography Style here

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News & Reviews

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There’s Nothing to Sleep On

If you have never submitted to the Magazine before, now is the time! All “Special features” will be shown off front and center in the International Online Magazine. And your actions will be rewarded with 10 Piggy Points when your submission is accepted. What better way is there make friendly with Mr. Piggy? With each point worth 1 EUR/USD you’ll be laughing all the way to the piggy bank.

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    sexy monkey boyfriend

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    My article was never been published even after a month had pass... My article is for location... =(

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